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    Extended Property for an existing server

      I am trying to add an instance of a custom class to a server property by using the CLI.


      I have following structure in the Property Dictionary:


      SystemObject -> Custom Property Classes -> APP-LIN-Owner -> GPS -> KIRH 51 -> su24sr10.csintra.net


      The last mentioned su24sr10.csintra.net is an instance within the KIRH 51 subclass.


      After creating that instance within the Property Dictionary's Subclass I would like to  set the Extended Property for an existing server (su24sr10.csintra.net) to be the created instance. If I do this manually in the GUI I "select a value for complex type".


      I tried to run following command:


      blcli_execute Server setPropertyValueByName su24sr10.csintra.net APP-LIN-Owner "//SystemObject/APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net"


      The error message says: Illegal Qualified Property Class Name //SystemObject/APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51


      I suppose  the Argument with Name "valueAsString" is probably wrong. But I can't find any help which tells me how to pass a subclass as property value.


      I have tried following different types of defining the subclass which all ended in the above mentioned error:


      *   /GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net
      *   APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net
      *   /APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net
      *   //APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net
      *   /SystemObject/APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net
      *   //SystemObject/APP-LIN-Owner/GPS/KIRH 51/su24sr10.csintra.net


      Could you please tell me how to specify the value that I can add it to the complex type which instantiates the instance within the prop dictionary?


      Server setPropertyValueByName engWin2k3Aut1 is_approved <true>