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    BL Console silent uninstall

      Hi community,


      Is there a way to silently uninstall a "Console for Server Automation" or newer?


      I know how to install it unattended, but now the customer needs a silent uninstall solution...


      Does someone have an idea?


      Running on Windows Vista x86...



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          This should work....


          To uninstall the console in silent mode

          1 In a text editor, create an options file and specify the options you want to uninstall.


          For example:

          -U featureClientUtilities

          -U featureNetworkShell

          -U featureConfigurationManagerConsole

          -U featureDocumentation

          -U featureOnlineHelp

          -U featureOnlineDocumentation



                      -U Uninstalls the product or feature.


          2 Run the uninstall program with the -i silent option.

                          uninstallProgram -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE=”silentOptionsFilePath”


          You must use an absolute path to the options file.


          Windows example:

          uninstall.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_ FILE=”C:\tmp\silent_uninstall.txt”

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            Hi Manuel,



            To uninstall a console in silent mode, you have to create one response  file as follows,

            "BL_Uninstall.exe –a –r –f1<WINDIR>\Temp\Unistall.iss"
            *Note- To create response file you have to uninstall Console  manually at  least once.

            Once you are ready with response file you can pass the path to  following  command

            "BL_Uninstall.exe /s /SMS /f1<WINDIR>\Temp\Unistall.iss"





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              That method doesn't work any more since the installer has changed post 7.6


              See new method above.