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    Items Missing in Live Browse

      Hi guys,

      I have noticed that i some of my enrolled endpoints ( Linux ) that I have some items missing from the "live browse" screen.

      The items missing are .......


      Unix Groups

      Unix Users


      Hardware Information



      These Items appear on some enrolled servers and don't on others.

      The servers have the same permissions, the same exports, users, users.local files.

      The console error log doesn't show any errors after double clicking the enrolled server.

      The application logs on the app servers don't show any errors,


      The only thing I have noticed is that on the servers that have the missing items I get this message in the rscd.log when accessing items in the live browse window.


      08/04/10 12:19:23.843 INFO     rscd -  londngdemo04.cmc.local 27854 -1/-1 (???): ???: FIPS already enabled



      Any ideas?  Are they related?



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