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    IBM RAID Server provisioning

    Siddu angadi



      Anyone has worked on Bare metal provisioning of IBM RAID servers?


      If so can you please tell me how to achive this with Bladelogic Server Automation 8.0 version?




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          Are you talking about configuring RAID during provisioning of IBM devices? What's the make/model of the server involved here?

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            Siddu angadi



            You are correct. basically how this pre-provisioning configuration (configuring RAID which also includes Hot spare etc) can be automated in Bladelogic?


            We need to provision IBM system x3550 M2.




            Kind Regards


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              There's really no change to your system package itself with the exception of a few additional "Pre-Install Scripts" being defined. I'd recommend grabbing the IBM tool(s) and placing them someplace on your datastore. Often these tools will take a script as an argument to automate the setup and configuration as well. If this is the case, you would want to create this in advance and store it with the tool. Your "Pre-Install Scripts" setup would then be a 3 part approach. Part 1 would be grabbing the tool from the datastore and pulling it into the boot image for use. Part 2 would be grabbing the pre-existing RAID setup script, also from the datastore. Part 3 would be calling / executing the tool with the script to set up the RAID.


              This is just a high-level overview, but I can say it's been done before.



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                Siddu angadi

                HI Dan,


                Do we need to inject the IBM Raid Configure Tool Kit into Image ?


                or do we need to map the share drive ( where IBM Raid config tool kit is present) during provisining? if so I have tried mapping drive, but it did not work.


                Can some one guide me how to achieve RAID configuration for IBM and HP servers?




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                  You need to download both the IBM and the HP toolkits (they are different). Dell also have one or you can use API commands on a DRAC for Dell's not sure about the other vendors.

                  You then need to read their documentation to understand how they function.

                  Then build script that builds mirror set.

                  Then follow Dan's deployment suggestions.


                  As I understand it there is no quick solution for this. I'm wanting to automate this myself but I just haven't had the time to read and understand the associated documentation yet.


                  Something else to bear in mind, is that you are dealing Hardware directly here. So its quite possible that you will need a different script/config file for each HW variation you implement.