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    BladeLogic 8 Console - Periodically freezes.

      Hi guys,

      does anyone else out there experience periodic freezing of the BladeLogic 8 Console?

      It only freezes for 5 - 10 seconds, but does effect the user experience.

      It seems to happen mostly when clicking ( or right clicking ) on an enrolled server.


      Maybe the console is loading the servers data from the database or contacting the servers agent ?


      Has anyone performed any optimization / tuning on the console to make it run better?


      Any ideas / thoughts would be appreciated.



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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Hi David,


          there are sometimes some delays whilst it is processing certain actions. Are you using ACL policies or ACL templates? ACL policies sometimes take a little longer to process in the UI.


          Which Service Pack level do you have?





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            it happens in my environment also

            no acl policies or templates

            right now i'm editing a lot of component templates, and when i right-click on one of them to select open, frequently there's a several seconds delay


            sometimes it even hangs forever on the save operation of a modified component template (it does not even show the "sending data" dialog)


            while investigating this issue, i installed the linux version of the console (i always used the windows one)

            from the first tests the console seems faster and the save operation that crashed the windows console performed flawless so far


            8SP3 here, testing on a fedora 13 distribution

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              Hi Paul,

              I've done some more testing and this is what I have found.

              The results were consistant accross different enrolled servers including linux and windows.


              After starting a new console session ......


              I right click on an enrolled server for the first time it takes about 12 seconds for the "right click" menu to come up.

              Subsequent right clicks on the same server without loosing focus bring up the "right click" menu immediately.


              If you right click on a different enrolled server for the first the same 12 seconds is experienced.

              If you right click on a enrolled server that has been right clicked previously, but not immediately previously, it takes 6 seconds to bring up the right click menu.


              Double clicking on a server for the first time again consistantly takes approx 12 seconds to come up.


              I presume the console is querying the BL Core DB for the servers information ?

              Is the delay around this?

              It's almost making the console unpractable to use do to these dalays.


              That's an interesting question with regard to the version.

              When you use EPD to download the binaries there's no clue as to which SP you are downloading.

              For example I used OM800-359-RHAS4X86_64.SH ... is this SP1, 2 or 3 ?


              If you look in the console there's no indication ( BLManager Version = ), if you look in the appserver.log there's no indication.


              I'm pretty sure we're at SP2.


              Here's the info from the appserver.log ....


              OS Name = Linux
              Version = 2.6.18-194.el5
              Architecture = amd64
              Number of Processors Available to JVM = 1
              JRE Version = 1.6.0_13 from Sun Microsystems Inc.
              JRE Data Model = 64-bit
              JRE VM Name = Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
              Maximum JVM Memory (B) = 2,006,974,464
              Total JVM Memory (B) = 253,734,912
              Free JVM Memory (B) = 63,522,976
              Used JVM Memory (B) = 190,211,936
              Maximum File Descriptors = 1,024
              Used File Descriptors = 252
              FIPS 140-2 Mode = enabled

              BLManager Current Time = Fri Jul 09 14:10:30 UTC 2010
              BLManager Started = Fri Jul 09 14:08:34 UTC 2010
              BLManager PID = 30789

              The console is running on 64 bit Windows 2008.




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                Paul Seager-Smith

                If you are trying to get answers to specific performance questions, then you should raise a ticket with support as it depends on your environment.


                On the question of knowing which SP is in use, each SP has a corresponding build number and the build number is what you see in the installers and version strings in Bladelogic.


                The versions and build numbers for 8.0 so far are as follows:


                8.0:          341

                8.0SP1:    359

                8.0SP2:    380

                8.0SP3:    396

                8.0SP4:    422

                The version on the EPD is still SP1 (hence the build number of 359). If you want to get newer SP versions, contact support again.

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                  HI Paul,

                  thanks for your advice.

                  I'll save the numbers for future reference.

                  I'll contact support with a view to upgrading to at least SP3.


                  Do you know how long SP4 has been out and if it is stable?

                  Do you also know if there are new releases of the console available ?



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                    Bill Robinson

                    Typically when you update the Appserver w/ a SP or hotfix you need to update the consoles as well.  there's a setting in blasadmin (appserver) that lets you reject connections from downlevel clients for force people to upgrade.


                    SP4 has been out for about a month, it has addressed many of the performance issues seen in previous versions of the 8.0 gui, but not all.  you should update both the appserver and the gui w/ sp4 if you do it.    atleast get the release notes and read through the issues fixed.  you may have to open a support ticket to get sp4.

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                      Thanks Bill.

                      I have raised a ticket to request SP4.

                      I'll perform an upgrade and report back on this thread if I see any improvement in console performance.



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                        After contacting BMC it seems SP5 is being released  today.

                        They are suggesting I install SP5, rather than SP4.


                        Should I be worried about being one of the first BladeLogic 8 users to install SP5 or are the SP's normally pretty good from the start?

                        I will be installing this into our dev / test BL 8 environment first which should mitigate some of the risk.



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                          there's a bladelogic hotfix community that is always empty

                          it would be great if bmc could publish there the "what's new" of the various SP as they come out

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                            Seems like a sensible idea.

                            It would also seem sensible to be able to access them from the EPD.


                            I cant see the value in raising a ticket to be able to get access to a SP.

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                              Akbar Aziz

                              Dave are you running a Oracle or SQL Server database? We are running Oracle 10g and turning on stats in the database helped alot with the slowness in the environment. Once the stats are gathered, I believe Oracle will decide how to choose a better execution plan if it sees a query taking too long.

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                                Great spot Akbar !

                                This was indeed the problem.


                                We are running oracle 11G.

                                I had asked the DBA's to schedule a "statistics job" and assumed they had done it.  But they hadn't.

                                After running the stats job I am getting almost instant responses to a right click, and a double click on a server is much faster too.


                                Thanks for your input.  Much appreciated.



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                                  Naveen Anne


                                  If you already have a working 8.0+ environment, you should upgrade to 8.0 SP5. There is no harm in upgrading to the latest version. It contains fixes related to better performance in the CM Console and otherwise.Do remember to install SP5 RCP Console and upgrade the agents also to achive the best possible performance.


                                  Also, you might want to look into creating new perspectives in the console you are working from which doesn't have any overhead. For example, if you open the console, by default, it opens a Properties tab, an Audit Trail tab and a Permissions tab along with Tasks in Progress tab and others.

                                  Go ahead and close the tabs that you don't need on a regular basis and save the perspective using the "Save Perspective As" option in the console menu.

                                  Next time you open the console, the new perspective should offer you better performance.

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                                    All good advice thanks Naveen.

                                    I might have been slightly premature in my celebrations previously as the console started performing slowly again.

                                    I re-ran the stats job and once again it was fast.... very strange.

                                    We're investigating further .......


                                    I do plan to upgrade to SP5, once it is released.

                                    I've also previsouly tried customizing the perspective, and it does help a little.




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