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    rscd agent doesn't start

    Naveen Anne

      I upgraded my client's systems to from 7.4.3. There are two agents installed on the application servers - the second one is a local install for file server management.

      On one of the server, the upgraded application server is working. The rscd-fs (which is not upgraded) is also working normally. But the regular rscd agent refuses to start. No messages are being logged to rscd.log files in /app/bladelogic/NSH/log folder. The last message in the rscd.log file was on 07/22 which was the day we upgraded.

      I increased the logging in log4crc.txt file to "debug" and still nothing. I changed the output in rscd script to write to a log file and there are no messages in the log file. I shutdown appserver, procserver, rscd-fs and tried to start rscd to make sure no ports are taken. I am unable to start the rscd agent.


      I telnet to port 4750 and I get "connection refused". I am able to telnet to the same port on all other 7 application servers where the rscd is running. Does that mean the port is closed  or does that mean it will listen to telnet connections if the agent is running on it?


      Has anyone come across such issue before? Any information regarding this would be great.


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