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    white/black list for patching

    Naveen Anne

      How do we use a white list / black list in patching in BL 8.0+ ? Is this only done using the filters at the catalog level now?

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Yes, the white/black list for patching is still there and has been extended. You now create smart groups of hotfixes based on the patches downloaded in the patch catalog. One or more of these can then be assigned to a patch analysis job, so it is now much more flexible and easier to use.


          The patch catalogue filters aren't intended to control patch analysis, more to limit the number of patches downloaded.





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            Bill Robinson

            The catalog should contain all possible patches you'd want to use, I wouldn't do too much filtering there.  Do your filtering w/ the smart groups.  So multiple PAJs can use the same catalog, just w/ different smart group filters.

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