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    HowTo: Using the Source Pane

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      i created a RecordingProfile and added some functions (complete sourcelines of the functions).

      I also added the variables in the pane below.

      (AppSight Code / System Version 7.5)


      Now i received a trace (asl-File), and i see the sourcelines and they have a blue check-mark. But how to step through these lines and see the values of the variables?


      I took also a look into the Help-Menu of AppSight Code, there was an info about a pane for the variables itself. But how to display this pane? i can't find it...


      Any help would be greate


      BTW: The Training-Documents that we received are not very helpfull in the real life...


      Greetings from Germany


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          When you highlight a node in the recording tree that denotes lines that were traced, clicking the the step into button in the tool bar on the left will step through the source code (the down arrow should work too).

          As for the variables, make sure that the lower pane that contains all the tabs is displayed properly. I have noticed a few times that this pane gets "covered" by the source pane and thus you won't see all the details.

          In the attached images (before and after) you will notice what I mean.







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            Hi Ariel,


            the Details-Pane is visible. I thought there is a own Tab for the variables.


            I already tried the Tree-Toolbar. When i use "Step Into", the focus jumps to the Source - Panel. But which Button/Key to use to step through the lines (which are all displayed and marked by a blue check), and i also missing the variables in the Details - Panel.


            Is there any Setting missing in the Profile for that feature to be recorded?

            Do you have an HowTo for Recording SourceLines and Variables?


            At the "AppSight System Methodologies User Guide" if found at page 139 a picture of AppSightCode showing the RecordingTree and SourcePane. At the RecordingTree of my trace the entry "... Traced Lines" is missing. Otherwise the screenshot matches the output of my recording-trace (except the variable-infos).


            I remember from the training, that i need the exactly fitting pdb-file. I will check this, but could this be the problem?





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              so now i used the right PDB's.


              But still the same. At the SourcePane i can see the lines of code with an grey arrow at the first line, each other line got an blue check mark.


              At the details-pane i can see the name of the source-file, namespace and function name. Also the enter and leave timestamp and also the duration. I can see the caller and caller-module, but NO variables...


              At your manual there is a grey box behind the line at the recording tree containing the recorded number of source code lines. At my recording tree there is no box, no information of recorded source code lines...


              any idea what is going wrong?




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                Unless you step into the lines, you won't see the details.

                You are looking at the entry point to the function, so you need to use the recording tree and select a node the represents traced line - this is denoted by and icon of stacked pages or a singl page when only one line has been recorded. See below:





                When you higlight the node, you can use the down arrow or the toolbar to the left to traverse the tree and the code line by line.



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                  Hi Oliver,


                  Another thing to check is that the installation of AppSight supports the .NET frameworks utilized. When you open the log, please confirm that you are not seeing a message like the one below ("The .NET framework version x.x.xxxxx.xxxx is not supported.") in the "Summary" tab.


                  If you are seeing a message like that, please follow the steps outlined here:


                  Recording .NET Applications With New Versions Of The .Net Framework (http://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-7429)

                  DnInfo.nef.List - Utility to Report What .NET Frameworks are Supported in a DnInfo.nef File (http://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-10908)

                  Best wishes,


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                    Hi Georg,


                    i have found the following entry:

                    Limited tracing will be performed for ... (my target assembly) ...


                    But no entry about the .Net Framework Version. I already updated the DnInfo.nef file.


                    Could this be the reason? But i can see the codelines at the trace-output!?


                    Thank you


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                      i resolved the problem.


                      I uninstalled the NativeImage, i also used a new version of the target dll and pdb-file (changed also the appsight-profile). I copied the dll to the gac manually without gacutil.


                      After that, i now have the codelines and the variables.


                      thank you for all the hints.




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                        in this posting stream Oliver mentioned the "AppSight System Methodologies User Guide" and i wondered where i could get a copy of it?