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    Export Policy and format into something useable?

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      Does anyone have any sort of solution or recommendations of how to export 'all subscription policy' and format it to be useable or readable?  A cascading .txt document is not exactly very worthwhile.  We have thousands of policies applied in our environment and we're trying to audit the policies but have no good way to really view them today other than browsing through Policy Manager at specific objects or containers and then hovering over them to see the full DN name.  An example of what I'm wanting is an export of say the Package View where it shows where X package is applied on Y containers.


      Instructions from BMC Knowledgebase on exporting Policy ->



      C:\Program Files\Marimba\Tuner7>runchannel http://products.marimba.com:80/Archive/SubscriptionManager -user primaryadmin -password marimba -list -cascade > c:\SubscriptionPolicies.txt



      -Ken Tallman