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    SLM Milestones are not acting

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      Problem description :


      Milestones are not getting fired in proper manner, we can see milestone attached with incident request, and once clock ticks to milestone occur date/time, they are just diappearing from Milestone table under SLM tab in incident form. But email is not triggering, even we emails are not generating in AR System Email messages form.


      Service Target detail :


      Start when = "status <= Assigned"


      Stope when = "status >= resolved"


      Hold when = "status = pending"


      Goal time is 12 Hrs. We have defined milestone at around 70% and 90%.


      Milestone detail,


      at 70%, Action = Email

      at 90%, Action = Email


      Environment detail,


      AR Server Version - 7.0.1 patch 002

      Operating system - Windows 2003

      Database - MSSQL 2005

      ITSM Version - 7.0.03 patch 007