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    Error Caused By: JNI mkdirs of '//Server/C/... Permission Denied

      Below is the error I receive when trying to run a Patch Anaysis using a Windows Catalog in


      Error while running pre-analysis on server: Server001, Error: Failed to create agent side analysis directory: //Server001/C/Program Files/BMC BladeLogic/RSC/tmp/WindowsCatalog_2002698_Server001 (Caused By: JNI mkdirs of '//Server001/C/Program Files/BMC BladeLogic/RSC/tmp/WindowsCatalog_2002698_Server001' failed: : Permission denied)


      Exports/Users/User.Local files all look good. There is nothing on the RSCD.log file.




      Granting the BladeLogic account Domain Admin rights resolved the issue.  However, we don't want to keep BladeLogic in this group.  What are the necessary permissions required by BL to run? 



      I tried viewing the permissions of the tmp directory (listed above) and was unable to through the GUI until I had Domain Admin privileges.


      Also these are Domain Servers.

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