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    Jumpstart hang on step 6/7

      I´m provisioning a Solaris x86 server throughout jumpstart but once the porvining job is started the job hang up on step 6


      Execution work item Provision

      Job: PollforProvisionedWorkItem; on application server: bmcbbsa


      reboot script succeeded

      executing reboot script succeded

      add install cliente succeeded

      Boot file....

      Boot Server IP .....



      On the client i set up the client to boot from the network, the client get the IP address I want but it can´t get the right image to boot. Even though I had imported the device as Solaris x86 jumpstart its trying to load an gentoo image..


      could not find kernel image: gentoo32/gentoo


      Is trying to use the provisioning server tftp instead of the jumpstart server...


      Does any had seen this before..? thanks for your help.

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          Bill Robinson

          x86 jumpstart will try and pxe boot, but it should not be pxe booting off of the bladelogic pxe.  you need to setup your dhcp server w/ some reservations and specific options to handle x86 solaris and you will also need to turn off the auto discover for the bladelogic pxe server.


          look on the solaris bigadmin site for into about setting up dhcp for solaris x86 jumpstart.

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            We are having the same issue but trying to provision Sparc.  The Jumpstart config works fine externally to BladeLogic.  The issue seems to be how to dynamically add the Bladelogic configurations into the DHCP config. Can it be done dynamically?  If not than what is the best way to handle this?  When we manually hard code the host entry into DHCP the system boots and builds, however the job stays at step 6 for the reboot.  We have a post install job that should run which does not. Could the BMI callback be not correct? Are there jumpstart settings that need to be here for Sparc to communicate to Bladelogic?

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              Bill Robinson

              i thought the add_install_client script would add the target to the jumpstart box's ether file, but the jumpstart box does need to resolve the target (dns, hosts).  you still have to run the 'boot net - install' manually.  but you are saying that solaris is on the box but the job is just never closed out?


              did you put bmisolaris in the right place on the jumpstart server?

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                We followed the instructions in the install guide so I assume its in the correct place.  Is there anything that we could be missing that is not apparent in the install guide?  Also, you say we need to manually execute 'boot net - install' does that mean there is no way to do this through BladeLogic?

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                  Bill Robinson

                  there's a 'reboot script' section in the system package that is a place you can try to initiate a reboot, but i've never seen that work in practice.  if you can script up a method to connect to the rsc that could work from there.  otherwise it's a manual reboot.

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                    Make sure the files within the directory /configserver/BladeLogic/rscd have the appropiate permissions.


                    for Sparc

                    chmod 755 rscd.sh

                    chmod 755 bmisolaris


                    for x86

                    chmod 755 rscd-sol-x86.sh

                    chmod 755 bmisolaris-x86


                    Hope this can help you.

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                      Thanks for the reply.  All permissions are set with 755 so that does not appear to be the issue.  I have a case open with support so hopefully they can shed some light.

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                        Bill Robinson

                        so on the target, you did a 'init 0' and then a 'boot net - install' from the OBP?  and then what happens?

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                          I just got off the phone with support.  It appears its an issue with the BMI call back getting to the BladeLogic servers, our application servers do not have the ssl port 9831 opened up.  There was a log in the root of the file system that said "connection refused".  Haven't been able to test this yet since it will require a restart.  I will send an update once this has been tested.