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    Creating LPAR (AIX) using plink a possibility !!

    Soundappan Shanmugam

      There is a possiblity of creating a AIX LPAR using plink

      Generally in HMC the password will never be changed as it is the central location for all the servers which come into them


      1. Download the file plink.exe and place on your appserver c:\

      create a script like below and save the same on c:\


      c:\plink.exe -ssh -pw Admin@123 root@ name=LPAR1,profile_name=normal,lpar_env=aixlinux,all_resources=0,min_mem=1024,desired_mem=9216,max_mem=9216,proc_mode=shared,min_proc_units=0.3,desired_proc_units=1.0,max_proc_units=3.0,min_procs=1,desired_procs=3,max_procs=3,sharing_mode=uncap,uncap_weight=128,lpar_io_pool_ids=none,max_virtual_slots=10,"virtual_scsi_adapters=6/client/4/vio1a/11/1,7/client/9/vio2a/11/1","virtual_eth_adapters=4/0/3//0/1,5/0/4//0/1",boot_mode=norm,conn_monitoring=1,auto_start=0,power_ctrl_lpar_ids=none,work_group_id=none,shared_proc_pool_util_auth=1



      Admin@123 is the Password

      root==> is the username is the server ip address



      2.Righclick on a folder in depot Rightclick==>New==>NSH Script==> in script type select copy and execute the script against each host seperately(for non NSH script)


      3. Create a NSH script job once imported and run the job on the appserver


      Now the job is run and the LPAR is created.



      Sounddappan Shanmugam