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    VMware VCC Agent with 8.0

    Steven Alexson

      We recently upgrade to BladeLogic 8.0. I have install the Virtualization agent on our VMware VCC server. This server previously had the 7.6 version of the agent installed and working properly. The 8.0 agent doesn't seem to recognize the server as a VCC. I do not have any of the Virtual Host objects in the live server view. The OS_RELEASE server property shows only "5.2" where it used to show "5.2 VC2.5" in 7.6. In fact, I still have 7.6 running in another environment, and it recognizes the agent as, and displays the OS_RELEASE as "5.2 VC2.5".


      Am I missing something new with 8.0 that needs to be done to get the agent to recognize the server as a VCC? I used the agent installer "RSCD_VC800-359-W32.exe".

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          Did you create the instance for the "connection" class in the property dictionary and point the "virtualization" class to the connection instance? See the 8.0 Installation doc, pages 137 and 138.

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            I think the problem here is that the agent is not getting detected as a VC Server, and not the connection class.


            Steve, what are the permissions in the exports file? You would require administrative privileges for the agent. And yes, it should be licensed as well.


            Could you paste the agentinfo output here? And what version of VC is running on this box?


            --- I guess the version is VC 2.5. Got that from the OS_RELEASE in your post. This should work fine thought without any problems ---


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              valid point... so something as simple as an "update server properties" may be in order here for this server...

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                Steven Alexson

                Here is the output of agentinfo:


                Agent Release   :
                Hostname        : XXXXXXXX

                Operating System: WindowsNT 5.2 Windows-VC2.5
                User Permissions: BladeLogicRSCD@XXXXXXXX->Administrator@XXXXXXXX:PrivilegeMapped (Identity via trust)
                Security        : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1
                Host ID         : F04BED87
                # of Processors : 1
                License Status  : Licensed for NSH/CM


                And the content of the exports file:


                *   rw,root=*



                And it does appear the the Virtual Center on the server is version 2.5. I manually verified it on the server.


                So, to me, everything looks like it is setup correctly. BladeLogic 8.0 just doesn't seem to be recognizing (or the agent isn't sending) the fact that this server is a VCC.

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                  Hmm... funny. Everything seems alright on the agent side. Agentinfo is correctly saying that it is a VC (version 2.5) and is mapped to the administrator. That means the agent is sending the data correctly.


                  I have a few more questions:

                  1. BladeLogic automatically detects servers as VC Servers. It would automatically create a Property Set Instance (PSI) under Property Dictionary -> Built in Properties -> Virtualization -> Instances. The name of the instance would be the name of the server. If you open that instance, the VIRTUAL_ENTITY_TYPE would be set automatically to VMware Virtual Center. Could you verify this?
                  2. Which user are you using to do your operations in BladeLogic UI? Is it BLAdmin? Does the user have privileges to create read / write to the Property Dictionary? If not, can you try your scenario with BLAdmin as the user and BLAdmins as the role?
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                    Have you followed the "Setting up a VMWare vCenter environment" section of the BMCBladeLogicInstallation.pdf? (Page 136). There are 3 key steps:

                    1) Install the VC Agent. (Which looks like you may have already done.)

                    2) Add vCenter Server to BladeLogic. (This involves creating the property dictionary items you mentioned below. This is not an automatic process. There is an initial setup, which is listed on page 137 of the Install Guide)

                    3) Distributing Configuration Objects. (This piece is documented on page 145.)


                    Once the above 3 steps are completed successfully, you will be able to browse the Guests through the VC server in BL.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      I think the problem is that the agent is not being recognized as a VC agent so you won't be able to do any of the other setup.  There is a SP3 version of the agent (396) - can you get a copy of that from support and see if that makes any difference?

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                        error.docI'm having the same problem of obtaing the right information in the Virtualization instance.

                        I have the Bladelogic 8.0 (SP5) installed. I also installed the RSCD Virtual Center agent (with the same version) on the vcenter server like mentioned in the installation documents.

                        When it comes time to creating the creating the Virtualization instance, it creates the instance but the VIRTUAL_ENTITY_TYPE has the value of "VMware Virtual Machine" and when I try to change the value for VIRTUAL_ENTITY_CONNECTION or any other value in the instance it gives me the following errror on the GUI interface.

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                          Have you upgraded to SP5 correctly? Looks like you are running into some DB issues there. Can you get hold of your sqlmap.properties file from the appserver machine?

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                            Here are three files:








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                              I cheated my way out of this problem but not sure if i'll have after effects later on......

                              Basically I created the Virtualization instance by hand (I am aware it is created automatcially) and then I modified the VIRTUAL_ENTITY_CONNECTION and VIRTUAL_ENTITY_TYPE (VMware Virtual Center) by hand.


                              I then modified the property on the server on the console by clicking on the server and changing the the extended property VIRTUALIZATION*

                              I finally the server icon changes......what do you think ...do I take chances by doing this way?

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                                Nope. Hopefully not.


                                The only thing you might want to look out for is the Update Server Properties Job. This job updates the Server and its PSI with the current state of the Server. You could try running this to see if it works fine. If it does, you are good to go ahead.

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                                  Thanks. By the way, what did you think of the files (sqlmap.properties files on the App Server) that I sent. Do they seem ok to you...I thought I had a problem with the service pack upgrade because receiving those error messages on the GUI seems serious.

                                  When you say "Update Server Properties Job" I was wondering if this type of job was the same as if right-clicking on the server and selecting the Verify (the lighting bolt icon)??

                                  I'm asking this question because when I was debugging yesterday every time I clicked on the button "Verify" on the server, it would create the

                                  Virtualization instance in my property dictionnary automatically.

                                  But, I thought, since it automatically creates an instance based on the server name, I created an instance manually with the following syntax:  "ServerName-Manual"

                                  Now...I think I'm about to answer your initial question..because when I click on the button on the "Verify" on the server; it does not automatically create an instance in the "Virtualization". Is this a normal reaction?

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