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    Full client very slow from time to time, web client does not experience the same issues

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      We have ARS 7.5.0 patch 003 installed with ITSM 7.6.


      From time to time, when using the full client, loading e.g. a console takes a lot of time (e.g. incident console -> 1min45secs)

      The web client does not experience the same issues.


      We have ARS installed on one server (windows server 2003 r2) and the MidTier on another one (same OS). the database is

      a remote ORACLE AMS 10g db. The ARS and MidTier are virtual installations.


      We are expecting this issue to come from either McAfee installed on the machines, either a bad firewall config.


      Does anybody know of those two options to indeed cause performance degradation.

      If so, do you have any advise on how to proceed in finding out which is causing the issue exactly, or even something other you think about that might be the reason?


      I'm not to technical on the above subjects, so thanks to take this into account when explain me.

      We've done a check on database and network level, but do not find anything out of the ordinary there.

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