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    Parameterizing path inside a blpackage

    Naveen Anne

      I am creating a blpackage from a component which has a war file as its part. This war file is obtained from a maven repository which is on a windows server. So, when I create the blpackage from the component, the path inside the package shows as below -




      The requirement is to deploy this war file to linux servers. Each linux server will have many jboss instances. So, the destination server name and directory will be parameterized. This whole process will be run through a custom script.


      I can do this via GUI simply by opening the blpackage and modifying the path name. How do I change the above path name inside a blpackage which is in windows format into a parametized path name using either blcli or a shell command?

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          You have to parametrize the path of the war file in the part of the component, then when you will create the BL Package from your component, it will contain the parameter.


          So for example:

                you create a local property at the component template level named PATH

                You setup the part using the property: ??PATH??/xaware-service-web-1.0.20.war

                for the component associated to your source server, you setup the PATH property to /D/axa-maven-remote-repository/axa.release/axa/b2b/xaware-csio-add-map/xaware-service-web/1.0.20


          Then when you will generate the package from the component the BLPackage will contain a local property PATH and the path of the war file inside the BLPackage will be ??PATH??/ xaware-service-web-1.0.20.war


          Then when you will deploy, you will just need to setup the right path in the PATH property at the deploy job level using following blcli command:

          DeployJob setOverriddenParameterValue "$JB_FOLDER" "$JB_NAME" "$PROP_NAME" "$PROP_VALUE"


          In my example, PROP_NAME contain PATH.

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            Antonio Caputo

            I think you can define, inside the BLPackage, some local properties and the use them like ??MY_PROP?? in the cmd section of your BLPakcage.

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