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    JNI file exists ... No authorization to access host

      I have a restricted rights role which has been given access to a job and a set of server (permissions, acls pushed to agents,etc)

      Seems no matter what we do the job (which runs fine for BLAdmins on the same target) fails in the very beginning with something like:


      [25 Jun 2010 15:33:39,271] [Job-Execution-4] [ERROR] [user:] [Deploy] JNI fileExists <filename>bldeploy.xml' failed:: No authorization to access host


      Tried with different target host, different job.


      I have a feeling there's something in the new role's authorizations.

      apparently this has been working for the role's users on version 7.4.5 but after upgrade to 8.0 stopped working


      Target Server's Permissions list Server.* for the role

      Job Permissions list DeploymentJob.* for the role


      Any ideas?

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