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    W2K8 R2 provisioning problem

      We've got some W2K8 R2 system packages in BL 7.6 which work fine when run through the provisioning manager gui. If we try to run the provisioning jobs from the blcli however, it seems that the bits we've added to the "Additional unattend entries" get ignored. Do we need to do something different for W2K8 R2 to get it to work correctly?


      Thanks - Lee

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          Hi Lee,


          Is it 7.6 or is it the hotfix version with 2k8 R2 support enabled?

          Can you check the unattend that is generated at the datastore location. we might get some clues there



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            Hi Neeraja, thanks for your reply. Yes, this is the hotfix version with the 2K8 R2 support added. Whereabouts can I find the generated unattend.xml on the datastore?



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              My bad...

              we need to check the unattend that is parsed on the bare-metal device itself while the installation process starts


              for which we should break the installation process after "make run once" (assumtion is that we are not able to use the dignostic option "pause for user input" since we are running the job via BLCLI)

              under the C:\BLPROV folder on the device we can find the unattend.xml that has been generated.

              open this file and check what entries have gone in.

              if the parsed file entries are not what you want them to be, then this surely seems to be an issue

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