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    Does BLApp 7.6 support secure LDAP Authentication

      Hi all,


      Has anyone implemented BLApp 7.6 to use LDAP Authentication?

      We have a requirement to do this but it needs to be secure ldap (passwords need to be encrypted).


      Reading the UserGuide it seems to only support LDAP not secure LDAP.


      I get the following output


      For Secure LDAP:

      <server>:/opt/nsh/br # ./blcred -x ldapTrustStore1.pkcs12 cert -add -host <ldapserver>:636 -protocol ldap
      Rejected the certificate from <ldapserver>:636


      Connectivity exists:
      <server>:/opt/nsh/br # telnet <ldapserver> 636
      Trying <IPADDRESS>...
      Connected to <ldapserver>.
      Escape character is '^]'.
      telnet> quit
      Connection closed.


      Normal LDAP:
      <server>:/opt/nsh/br # ./blcred -x ldapTrustStore1.pkcs12 cert -add -host <ldapserver>:389 -protocol ldap
      Do you want to accept the following X509 certificate from "<ldapserver>:389"?


      Alias:                <ldapserver>:389
      Version:              V3
      Serial number:        02 1c 05 62 e5 5d 8e 7d 61 3a 15 b3 fd 65 aa a0 f7 90 73 69 1d fb e8 d9
          78 1d c8 6c 2c 5d 02 02 02 42 6b 84
      Issued to:            CN=<ldapserver>,O=I<ldapserver>
      Issued by:            O=<ldapserver>,OU=Organizational CA
      Valid from:           Mon Mar 01 09:46:45 NZDT 2010
      Valid to:             Wed Feb 29 09:46:45 NZDT 2012
      Signature algorithm:  SHA1withRSA
      MD5 thumbprint:       f9 c2 f5 50 ae 92 bd 4f 6f 36 ce 54 4a b3 a7 1e
      SHA-1 thumbprint:     6d 01 f4 dd a7 87 3f db 6f 3a 29 df 61 8c 2a b9 b3 2a 00 1b


      ?[yes|no]: yes
      Trusting the certificate from <ldapserver>:389


      Any help would be appreciated.