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    nsh-install-defaults config

    Anthony Bove

      My 'nsh-install-defaults' file does not seem to be configuring the 'exports' & 'users.local' files correctly during Linux/Unix installs.  On an RHEL4 install, it almost works - the only thing not being populated is the 'NSH_USER_FROM' value into the 'users.local' file.  Otherwise, the 'NSH_USER_TO' value gets set properly, and the 'exports' file is set properly.  For HP-UX & AIX installs, however, neither the 'exports' or 'users.local' files get modified.  I'm pretty certain I had this working at a client site on RHEL5 using the base 8.0 version of the agent installer.  I am now at a client site using the SP1 versions of the agent installers.  Here's what my nsh-install-defaults file looks like:


      export COMPONENT_CHECKED=1
      export IS_SECURE_AGENT_LOGS=1
      export IS_KEYSTROKE_LOGS=1
      export NSH_ROOT_HOST=appserver01
      export NSH_USER_FROM=BLAdmins:*
      export NSH_USER_TO=root


      Regards, Tony