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    Compliance Job Hangs - never show complete

    Rob Slattery

      Has anyone seen issues where when you run a compliance job and it never finishes?  My particular compliance job is running against 1,050 servers - no auto-remediation.


      I first kicked off the job and after two hours, I canceled because I thought something was wrong.


      I kicked the job off again, at 3:25 16-June, and it still shows in the results window as running; you can't expand on server or rules views.

      When I first kicked off the job, the job shows in the Tasks in Progress window pane but it is not there (I wen't home around 5:00).


      Here are the first and last logs:


      [16 Jun 2010 15:35:03,691] [WorkItem-Thread-19] [INFO] [uid=user,ou=people,ou=corporate,dc=company,dc=com:WinAdmins:] [Compliance] Executing work item Compliance Job:2003 compliance job; Template:win2k3_compliance_configuration; Component:win2k3_compliance_configuration (server-02); Server:server-02;  on application server: sysadm-bl02.company.com
      [16 Jun 2010 15:35:13,320] [WorkItem-Thread-8] [INFO] [uid=user,ou=people,ou=corporate,dc=company,dc=com:WinAdmins:] [Compliance] Compliance execution finished for component: win2k3_compliance_configuration (server-rp04)
      [16 Jun 2010 15:35:15,686] [WorkItem-Thread-19] [INFO] [uid=users,ou=people,ou=corporate,dc=company,dc=com:WinAdmins:] [Compliance] Compliance execution finished for component: win2k3_compliance_configuration (server-02)
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          Daniel Goetzman

          Maybe a Work Item Thread hung due to one of the target agents hanging? Running against a large number of targets like this sometimes "discovers" agents that are not functioning correctly.


          Have you looked at the Jobs and Task states under Infrastructure Management to see whats up?

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            Rob Slattery

            No, I have not looked at Jobs and Tasks.  I don't even know where Infrastructure Management is located.  You see, our company just purchased this product and we had professional services here long enough to get things running and now their gone.  Training?  Not sure if we're going.  Anyway, I'll try to look for Infrastructure Management.


            Other than that - is there a way to possibly split the jobs into four seperate runs?  Is BladeLogic smart enough to know where it last left off then continue it's task?

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              Rob Slattery

              I actually found the Infrastructure Management but I don't have enough access to review anything.  However, one of my co-works has enough access and they are asking what is it the should be looking for within the Infrastructure Management?  We were browsing around but could not find anything that would show us the job which hangs.


              I do have to point out that sometimes it works and others; well, it just hangs.

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                Daniel Goetzman

                I normally look at;


                Select the app server instance under "Application Servers", the right pane should show each app server instance status (if you have MAS then check each one) and look for;


                "Number of jobs currently running" - If you job is really running, the count under one of the Job App server instances should reflect the count.

                "Available work item threads" - Will show how many WITs are "running" (typically there is one WIT per target server.


                Once you find a Job app server instance that is busy running Jobs w/ WITs, expand that instance and select;


                "Job Manager Service"


                This should show the name of the running jobs, to verify if your job is running. And look at the WITs listed to see what the state of each WIT is. And you may get a clue as to what target system is hanging a particular WIT. Note, I think that a Job can be listed on one Job app instance and still have WIT's running on another Job app instance!

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