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    "Intelligent" BLPackage -- multiple versions of software

      (Running BL v7.4.4.768.)


      I have added 2 custom software items to the depot; they are identical software, one is for a 32-bit platform and the other is for 64-bit. In the Software Info section of each depot item I have specified Platform, as x86 and x86_64, respectively. Is there any way to add both software items to a single BLpackage and have the package or the agent *only* install the appropriate version?


      If there is not any in-built functionality (I was looking for an if/then/else mechanism in the package, but can't quite see it there), I thought that perhaps adding a command to the pre-install section might do the trick. (These are Windows servers, so there is a %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% environment variable set up.)


      Is this worth pursuing, or am I stuck with a single package per app? We actually have 2 versions of the 32-bit and 2 of the 64, which would bring us to 4 separate packages. Then we have the issue of making sure we are able to separate the target groups by platform, etc...

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          i haven't tried anything like that but i fear that putting both in the same package just inflates the package size that must be pushed to the agent.

          you'll end up trasferring 4x bytes to a server that will use only one installer out of the 4 availables.

          is it worth?

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            My intent would be to have two separate packages -- each package containing the 32-bit and 64-bit version. I understand that it would inflate the overall size a bit, but it would still be manageable. (We actually have some single packages for other software that would be larger still.)


            The other difference (the reason for an additional two source packages) is the target drive/directory, which is outside of our control. But I figured at least there may be some way to bundle the different platforms into one package, since BL can tell the difference on a given server. I know the 64-bit version will not install on a 32-bit machine, so I could just set the package to install both and rely on the install source to fail on an improper platform, but that seems a bit sloppy. Also, I'm not sure that a 32-bit install would fail on a 64-bit machine, so that might muck things up unnecessarily.