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    Undo RedHat Patches

    Edwin Lindeman

      Going through the documentation i see that undo Red Hat patches is not possible with BladeLogic at this time.


      "BMC BladeLogic does not support undo when you are deploying AIX or Red Hat patches. "


      Does anyone out there have any suggestions in alevating this issue?


      Anyone have best practice on this?

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          Bill Robinson

          How do you do this from the command line?  How well does backing out a RPM work?  (eg, dealing w/ rpm dependency hell).  It's not going to be any different via bladelogic.  This is more an issue w/ RPM than blade.  I'm assuming the same for aix as I don't know it as well.

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            Stefan Kruth

            It's simply impossible from the command line. On Solaris, the files which are replaced by the patch, are stored on the server under /var/something. This allows to back out a patch. RPMs just overwrite. The only option that rpm knows is uninstall and replace by another package (e.g. older version). But this breaks dependecies and as you have no instant replacement for all packages, rather than dealing with one package at a time, backing out a single rpm is (almost) not doable. The reason is given by rpm's capabilities.

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              Paul Seager-Smith

              AIX is a little different though. You can uninstall AIX patches until they have been committed. AIX VPC gives you the option to commit patches that I have talked to do not generally find a need to uninstall AIX patches.