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    Pre work days schedule

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      I have some jobs that need to be scheduled the day before a work day. I have a workdays calendar.


      How can I accomplish this without a separate calendar to indicate pre work days?


      I tried the shift functionality, but I cannot get it to work.

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          Robert Stinnett

          Hi Steve -


          The shift parameter tells Control-M how to handle jobs that fall on a non-working day in the confirmation calendar for active scheduling days.  So if in other words I have scheduling criteria of run a job M,T,W,R and Saturday but my confcal says we only run M-F I can set the shift to run on prev day and the "saturday" job would run on Friday Unfortunately, for this situation it won't be of much help.


          Off the top of my head, I just don't see how this can be accomplished without the creation of another calendar.  A pain, I know, but nothing is really popping up as of yet.



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            I think that I have it working.


            It doesn't seem like this is what the shift option is meant for, but it seems to work.


            I have the month days calendar set to the workdays calendar. I have the confcal set to an alldays calendar (all days selected). I then set the shift days to -1.




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              Robert Stinnett

              Steve -


              I'm curious about your solution.  I tried it in my sandbox ( and Forecast is showing the following:


              (workdays = M,T,W,R,F)

              (alldays = S,M,T,W,R,F,S)

              (start day of week = Sun)


              It appears to be shifting the entire schedule, not just the "day before".

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                Hi Robert,


                Thiis is right. I need the job to run Sunday to Thursday (unless there is a holiday). The exception to this is something like July 1st where I want to run the job on the 1st this year (Thursday) and not the next day.


                Also, I am on version 6.2. Our company is going to 6.4 sometime late this year or early next year.