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    Installing Notepad++ with BL 8

    Antonio Caputo

      Does anyone already tried this?


      I want to install npp.5.6.8.Installer.exe via BL 8.


      So I added it in a depot as Custom Software and defined the Install Command as: "??SOURCE??" /qn /l:C:\out.log and the Uninstall Command as: "??SOURCE??" /x


      but when I run the deploy job it seems to be hanged at the commit phase:


      Info 16-giu-2010 16.57.23 Deploy Apply Job:deploy npp; Server:bladelogic;  PkgID:"deploy-npp-2000057.1-0.7172484130485582-2000026.1-2000057.1"; UUID:df796a2fcc233d3cb520fd9630a81d99 
      Info 16-giu-2010 16.57.23 Started running the deploy step job 'deploy npp->deploy npp' on application server 'bladelogic'(2,000,000) against target server 'bladelogic' 
      Info 16-giu-2010 16.57.24 Package df796a2fcc233d3cb520fd9630a81d99 started 
      Info 16-giu-2010 16.57.28 Package df796a2fcc233d3cb520fd9630a81d99 initialized, entering wait queue for processing 
      Info 16-giu-2010 16.57.28 Package df796a2fcc233d3cb520fd9630a81d99 processing instructions


      The last entry logged by the target agent is:


      06/16/10 16:57:23.834 INFO1    rscd - 3012 BladeLogicRSCD@BLADELOGIC->Administrator@BLADELOGIC:PrivilegeMapped (BLAdmins:BLAdmin): CM: > [Deploy] Job 'deploy npp' is applying


      and nothing else happens ...


      Maybe my way to define the depot is wrong?

      Is there any other log I can check?

      Thank you.