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    export file entry

      Hi All,


      after installaling a RSCD agent on server, Do we have to manually make entried in the export file?


      To do this task,

      we tried to run a file deployment job, which will copy a file (file ready with "rw,user=*** " entry) from one of the server and deploy it on newly added server,but when we do this job is getting failed with error Permission denied


      what can be done to make those entries automatically?

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          Yeah that is failing because your impersonation files doesn't have proper priviledges mapping defined.


          The correct way to do it is to define content in silent installation files - "nsh-install-defaults" for *unix and "rscd.iss" for windows, and then run your rscd installation. This will create correct impersonation files in first shot. Otherwise if you have done it with a blank silent install file, or without the silent install file, then you will have to manually edit the impersonation files exports, users.local.


          You can find reference to the silent installation files for rscd agent in the bladelogic installation guide