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    LDAP Trust store for non-secure servers

    Naveen Anne

      I am trying to configure LDAP authentication at my client site. The LDAP server is not secure. In such a case, do I need to set the truststore for the certificate. I tried to bypass that step and the user authentication fails with the following error in the application server log. It requires a trust store to be configured even if the server is insecure -


      [14 Jun 2010 15:30:33,964] [Authentication-Service-Thread-0] [WARN] [::] [Appserver] LDAP authentication is misconfigured: Cannot establish secure connections, no client trust store defined.
      [14 Jun 2010 15:30:33,964] [Authentication-Service-Thread-0] [INFO] [uid=barnaf01,ou=People,o=internes,o=axa.ca::] [Appserver] user authentication failed: uid=barnaf01,ou=People,o=internes,o=axa.ca
      [14 Jun 2010 15:30:33,964] [Authentication-Service-Thread-0] [INFO] [uid=barnaf01,ou=People,o=internes,o=axa.ca::] [Appserver] Authentication Connection closed

      Any ideas how to proceed in this case?