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    Managing console / appserver fix versions

    Steven Wyns



      We are using BladeLogic for some time now and we've noticed that the fix versions that come out quite often contain interesting fixes most of the time. So following these is sometimes a good option.


      It's important ot keep the server and client versions in sync. It's quite a hassle, and expensive to get a desktop software packaged in here. So I was wondering: what is your insight on this?


      - Do you just package them and install them, knowing that it's difficult to get the software on every system at once (laptop users), and limit the fixes you install.

      - Do you have some kind of centralised server which has the console installed (citrix, ...)

      - Are you free to install whatever you want on the desktops so the users install the software themselves.

      - Other options...


      To have an idea on the size: Let's assume the console is installed on at least 500 machines.


      Kind regards,