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    Viewing DeployJob output with BLCLI

    Steven Wyns



      I was wondering if it is possible to show the logging of a deployjob via blcli. I've been playing around and got something, but actually not what I am looking for.


      jobRunKey = BatchJob_executeJobAndWait(jli,[batchJobKey])
          print '--- %s' % jobRunKey
          if JobRun_getJobRunHadErrors(jli,[jobRunKey]) == "True":
              llog('%s%s' %( LOG_ERR, 'The execution of %s completed with errors, logging can be found in the OM Console' % batchJobName ))
          jobRunId = JobRun_jobRunKeyToJobRunId(jli,[jobRunKey])
          print '--- %s' % jobRunId


           # DeployJob Stuff
          jobRunKey = JobRun_findLastRunKeyByJobKey(jli,[str(blDeployJobKey)])
          print '--- %s' % jobRunKey
          jobRunId = JobRun_jobRunKeyToJobRunId(jli,[jobRunKey])
          print '--- %s' % jobRunId
          print Utility_exportDeployRun(jli,[jobGroup, blDeployJobName, jobRunId, 'c:/temp/test.csv'])

      The output shows nothing special in this case:

      Job Name,BDJ-PT3-DummyA0-v1.0.0 Run at 9-jun-2010 9:14:40
      Start Time,9-jun-2010 9:14:40
      End Time,9-jun-2010 9:14:43
      Status,Completed with Errors


      I've tried with exportBatchRun, but that logfile tells me the deployjob failed.


      The job has failed because I do not have server.deploy on the target server. I have not tested other job failures.


      Does anybody have experience with this and possibly some usefull tips?


      Kind Regards,