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    Exception Paths for Extended Objects

      We are using BL 7.6.  I am trying to add an exception on a component to ignore a specific file returned from an extended object.  This is specifically for running a compliance job against an AIX server.


      In this case, let's say the extended object in question is "Unauthorized World-Writable Files" and file we want to ignore is /home/bob/file. Bascially, in thsi scenario, we don't care if /home/bob/file is world writable on this server and want it to be compliant even if the file is world writable.


      When adding an ignored path to the exception, I select the type as  Extended Object Entry.  I must be on the right track because I can get the rule to ignore everything by putting the path as:


      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//**


      I cannot seem to refer to the specific entry properly.


      I have tried the following syntaxes for path:


      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//\/home\/bob\/file

      Unauthorized World-Writable Files///home/bob/file

      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//"/home/bob/file"

      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//"\/home\/bob\/file"

      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//'\/home\/bob\/file'

      Unauthorized World-Writable Files//'/home/bob/file'


      I have also tried all these forms ending with a * or ** just to make sure there wasn't a way to do that.


      The documentation only refers to configuration objects and not extended objects, so is what I am trying to accomplish even possible?


      I know tricky thing to consider is that although it looks like a path, it is actually just a text string that the extended object has returned.  It is because of this I am sure the escapes (\) are probably necessary.


      Any thoughts?




      Craig Ludlow

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          Bill Robinson

          Specifically for this EO I believe there is a way to pass folders to skip as an option to the EO when you run it.  Look in the release notes that come w/ the content, I think there is something in there about how to do this.

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            It looks like there are other EOs that will take a groups of directories and exclude them from the search, but it doesn't look like that has been implemented in the script for the Unauthorized World-Writable Files EO yet (at least as of 7.6).


            The version of this EO script takes the arguments and will only search in those directories, so it dose the opposite of what I am trying to acheive.  By replicating the method in the Find Unowned Files, I could probably get this to work.  If someone else is aware of an updated version of this script or any other compliance EO scripts they can share, I'd be very grateful.  I'd prefer to not have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.


            Thanks Bill for sending me down this path.


            It would be nice to be able to do this with an actual exception.  I know 8.0 has drastically changed how the compliance stuff works, but does anyone know if this is possible in 8.0?  I might be able to defer some of this long enough until we upgrade.