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    Reclaiming WWNNs and WWPNs

      You have to manually delete the WWNN and WWPNs that get created whenever you want to re-provision a blade.  At one point we deleted them in UCS manager but BL still thought they were in use.  We’ve been deleting the service profiles each time a job fails ever since, but right now we have a WWNN and WWPN pair that we can’t seem to use anymore because BL still thinks it’s in use.  Plus it takes a long time for UCS to get the blade ready again after deleting the service profile and having to re-create one.  What's a good way around this?

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          If a service profile exists (associated with a blade or not), you can’t use it’s unique values such as WWN etc. in another profile.  That is just the way UCS works to avoid duplicates.  You can reclaim pool values manually in BL if you have deleted them manually in UCS manager.  In the “Actions” menu there is a “UCS identity reclamation” menu.