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    Tuning Snapshots



      I am running a snapshot against 2000 odd servers (1750/2000 being AIX servers) which is taking about 14 hours to run.  Is there any tuning or changes to any parameters i can set to make the snapshot run any faster???



      I am using the standard Inventory templates (HP, AIX, Linux and Solaris) and i have added approx 40 EO's into each template.  I have set the 'Number of Targets to Process in Parallel' to 35 (each template) at the moment (running any more then this is having a massive impact on the performance of the app server).  These Snapshot jobs are run in parallel after a full discovery job.


      My appserver is 7.6 on redhat ES 5.3 x64 and an oracle 10g DB on redhat ES 5.3 x64 (both are VM's), each with 16GB Memory and 4CPU's.