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    How to stop the rscd agent 8.0 in  UNIX Servers

    Soundappan Shanmugam

      The rscd agent for the version 8.0 lies in the path below




      Inorder to start the agent i just

      move to the following folder



      bash-3.2# ./rscd
      rscd - Copyright (C) 1996-2009 BladeLogic Inc.
      bash-3.2# Accessing file /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/share/rscw368820
      Starting logger main

      Log4c: Unable to remove log file: /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.0/NSH/log/rscd.log, errno = 2

      bash-3.2# ps -eaf |grep rscd
          root 393274 463098   0 12:09:49  pts/0  0:00 grep rscd
          root 471124 368820   0 12:08:40      -  0:00 ./rscd
          root 524462 368820   0 12:08:40      -  0:00 ./rscd

      How to the stop the rscd agent


      1. Just to Kill the agents PID,PPID? or any other means there???

      When typed


      bash-3.2# ./rscd stop
      Usage: ./rscd [-i] [-d] [-n] [-x]

      P-cmds daemon:
              -d      Output debug messages
              -i      Starting from inetd
              -D      Do not go into daemon mode
              -f      Do not fork. For debug only
              -r      Retry if address already in use
              -x      Output this explanation

      It asks for many attributes..

      Kindly suggest me a solution to stop the agent other than killing the process.


      Thanks in advance.. Sounddappan Shanmugam