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    Software Installation and Instant Validation

      We are rolling out 2 software upgrades to our servers and want to make sure the install took place and the new version is installed.  We have seen where some jobs come back as successfull (exit code 0) but the app install exited out because a pre-req was not met.  So we blindly think that is was successful based on the exit code.  How could we run a inventory and create a report of the software and version that is installed?

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          You can use the discovery job base on Component Template. You create a Component template with a test signature (in Discover panel) that check the right things to validate that your software is installed. Then you run a discovery job on the targets where you expect to have the soft installed. You can then create a smart component group which filters on the beginning of the name of expecting component. You will then get on this group all the component with the name of the servers where they've been discovered.


          Hope this help.