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    ear installation doubts...

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      I'm trying the product "BMC BladeLogic Application Release Automation for use in JBoss environment. And I have three questions:

      1) In a deploy configuration you can attach the ear file to be copied on the target machine by right-clicking on the configuration, and then selecting "Application Deployment". In this case how the file is copied? How can I configure how to upload (protocol, username, password, etc.)?

      2) The guide says that the files listed as to "upload" are copied to the target machine with scp. can I select another mode like ftp or sftp? Where can I select the mode? The only setting that I found is related to ssh connection.

      3) The user manual I found a paragraph on the customization of properties file contained within an ear (Tokenizing Properties Files). What is very interesting, but what is written seems to be only available for Websphere and Weblogic. There is a special motivation? The ear is not "manipulated" by Phurnace first of the upload on the target machine?


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          Hey Stefano,


          In 1), the file is transferred via the JMX protocol and port configured in the server profile.  The data is transferred over that same connection which can be secured. We have a plug-in (.rar) that must be installed on the server side that listens to the connection and receives the file.


          In 2) This is our SSH "Hook" to run a Pre, Post script and upload a File.  The file can be anything or any server, not just an application.  Typical examples are .properties files or .xml files that application depend on or .gif,jpgs that need to go to a webserver.  The preferred way to upload an application is using the dialog referenced in 1)


          in 3) I would consider that a documentation bug.  The engine should support the SSH hook (file upload with tokenization, pre/post script)