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    certificateStore Location Error

    Edwin Lindeman

      i just want to validate that the trust store for BladeLogic is the .bladelogic folder of the users account or am i thinking of something else. The file I want to call the certificate store is client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM.


      Is this correct?


      I'm configuring LDAP authentication. I've imported the certificate from the LDAP server (.cer file) then did a set Ldap TrustStore /root/.bladelogic/client_keystore.pkcs12.PEM and after i restarted the app server it didnt like the path i set it to. I got this message in returned.



      "Error installing to Start: name=bladelogic.service.LdapService state=Create
      com.bladelogic.app.service.ServiceInitializationException: Could not initialize the client trust store"


      any assistance on this would be appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          The $HOME/.bladelogic is for the CM client, not the appserver.  I think you'd either create a new keystore or use the default bladelogic.keystore in the br directory.  The appserver runs as bladmin btw, so pointing something to root's home won't work because bladmin does not have permissions to see anything in there.