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    Repeater problems

      I'm attempting to use a repeater for the first time for deployments to a site over the WAN.  I've been through the setup process and configured the repeater server and routing rules.  I've also configured the destination server properties to use the defined rule  When I deploy a job though it fails the staging phase with:


      Error May 13, 2010 4:43:06 PM File Server Path: //LONS00107482A/h/data/blogicfs disagree with package source path: //LONC00107482A/h/data/blogicfs/blpackages/Check-Vars-40957.1


      If I check the destination server, the package has actually been copied to /c/temp/stage, it just refuses to go any further.  Has anyone come across this?

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Is this using the normal BL repeaters or the advanced repeaters?


          Just one initial thought: I don't know if this is a typo, but I notice you have LONS00107482A as your file server path and LONC00107482A as your package path. Are you sure that you haven't mistyped the server name in somewhere?