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    Extended Object

      I'm trying to create an extended object against my solaris\aix\linux machines - pretty simple really - when I nsh to a server, i can run

      java -version

      and retrieve info with no issue


      I'm not great in creating extended objects, so excuse me if I miss the obvious


      While putty-ed into a server, I can run java -version and retireve info, and I can run nsh -c "java -version" <servername> to retrieve the same info of a remote server. Seems easy to implement - I created an Extended Object for my Solaris servers using the command:

      nsh -c "java -version" ??TARGET.HOST??

      and I recieve the follow error when I try to run it



      When I try to run the extended object by simply using java -version, it still doesn't work.


      Thanks in advance.