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    BDSSA needs own server?

    Bill Bruncati

      Running BL 7.6 on Solaris 10. Downloaded the following to install reports server :






      However, looking over the Install Guide it says:


      It is recommended that the reports server be a dedicated server and not have any
      other Java-based applications resideing on it. BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for
      Server Automation uses JDK 1.5.10. Having another Java-based application installed
      on the same server
      and using a different version of JDK would cause a conflict. BMC
      BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation overwrites the JAVA_HOME
      environment variable during the installation.


      This is what I have on my appserver:


      $ pkginfo |grep -i jdk
      system      SUNWj3irt                        JDK 1.4 I18N run time environment
      system      SUNWj5cfg                        JDK 5.0 Host Config. (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5dev                        JDK 5.0 Dev. Tools (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5dmo                        JDK 5.0 Demo Programs (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5dmx                        JDK 5.0 64-bit Demo Programs (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5dvx                        JDK 5.0 64-bit Dev. Tools (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5jmp                        JDK 5.0 Man Pages: Japan (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5man                        JDK 5.0 Man Pages (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5rt                         JDK 5.0 Runtime Env. (1.5.0_16)
      system      SUNWj5rtx                        JDK 5.0 64-bit Runtime Env. (1.5.0_16)


      Do I need another server just to run this ? Has anyone tried running reports on their appserver  as long as their JDK versions were the same ?