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    BL 8.0 does not save changes to a BLPackage

    Ben Vassie



      I am running BladeLogic 8.0 SP2 and have created a BladeLogic Package to deploy the Server 2003 R2 Components, I added the folder to my depot as a BLPackage, and changed the path when I would like it to be deployed on the target machine, I then added an external command that would perform a silent install, I then saved the package and executed it against my target server, after the package had run, I noticed that the R2 components had not been installed, I then checked the BLPackage and noticed that none of my changes has been saved, the original path was still there, and my external command had gone, I re-added them, saved the changes (hit the save button a few times to make sure), and executed it again, once again it did not deploy the R2 components, I went back to the BLPackage, and again, the changes were not saved.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated





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