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    RSCD Bulk Installer - Strange behaviour ...

      Hi all,

      I have recently installed the Bulk RSCD Installer for BladeLogic 8.

      It's the first time I have used it, but it seems to work well ... apart from the licensing component.

      It seems that when attempting to license an RSCD agent, the autolic process uses the "windows logon" account to attempt to contact the rscd agent on the server I wish to license, instead of using the BladeLogic user account I logged in to the Bulk installer with.

      Surely this is a bug and not the expected behaviour ?


      for example ...... I log onto the windows server hosting the RSCD Bulk installer app with .... dlipsham

      I then start the Bulk Installer App and log in using BLAdmin.

      I then get errors like the following in the rscd.log ......

      05/12/10 13:59:48.917 WARN     rscd - 21825 99/99 (dlipsham): putlic: Failed to map user to local user

      The work around is create a windows user called BLAdmin and log on with that, but it still looks like a bug to me.

      Am I missing something .... ??