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    SAP Service Desk or SAP BPM Integration

      We run a fairly large SAP deployment.  We are currently beginning to implement SAP Business Process Management (BPM) within the SAP system, but will need to integrate that with our BMC Impact Management and Remedy Incident Management.


      On the SAP side, the BPM generated alerts will result in an SAP Service Desk ticket being generated.  But our Enterprise Incident Management system is ARS/Remedy.


      Our objectives are:

      • Integrate those SAP alerts with our BMC Event & Impact Management system which uses the Atrium CMDB, and generate automated Impact Incidents into Remedy (via IBRSD).
      • We'd like to automate resolving/closing the SAP Service Desk ticket when the Remedy Incident is Resolved.
      • Our enterprise service models will be built using the Atrium CMDB, and BMC Impact Mgmt.  We need to integrate these SAP Alerts into our enterprise models.


      We are currently investigating developing our own Web Services integration from SAP to BMC Event & Impact Management using the BMC IIWS integration.


      Has anyone already been down this road?

      Any suggestions, experiences, recommendations will be appreciated.




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          Lior Orlovich

          Hi Gib


          Please let me elaborate about:


          As you aware using our BPM for SAP (agentless) we generate automatically the CI with the CMDB and build the relationship


          This done automatically by the solution

          This information can be transfer into SIM so each time alert will generate in the SAP monitoring it will influence in SIM.


          In addition all alerts can been sent to BEM and PNET as you probably aware


          So looking all information I mentioned above I can't see why this is different from the other monitoring events generate by the BPM monitoring concerning the Remedy ticket integration


          If you need detailed information how to enable the CMDB or BEM I can sent it with different mail


          Please do not hesitate to ask me any other questions or with anything else I can be of assistance.


          Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 


          Lior Orlovich 

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            Hi Lior,


            We currently do all our SAP monitoring with the SAP Solution Manager, and have it forward alerts to BEM.  I am not technically trained or experienced with SAP, so I don't quite understand all the moving parts within the SAP Solution Manager.  But apparently, the way we currently forward SAP Solution Manager alerts will not work to also forward the SAP BPM alerts.


            We are not using the BMC Performance Manager for Business Applications SAP Solution.  But I will have to review the documentation on the BPM for SAP components.  Is it possible to have the BPM for SAP simply 'intercept' SAP BPM alerts and forward them into the BMC BEM/SIM solution?




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              Mattias Ahlberg



              We are currently working on a monitoring solution for SAP Solution Manager that will enable you to collect any information available in Solution Manager into BPPM including BEM, within this KM we will also add CMDB awareness with automatic TokenID association etc. for simplified service model creation and maintenance. If you contact me privately at Mattias_ahlberg@bmc.com I will be able to share more details about this solution, and I'm also very interested in discussing your requirements in more detail.



              Mattias Ahlberg

              Product Manager

              BMC Software

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                Lior Orlovich

                Hi Gib,




                Thanks for your feedback and clarification Yes the process is very simply and can integrate BEM and SIM.




                In addition checking your previous note and noticed that you also look for integration between Remedy service desk and SAP Solution Manager since you are using the SAP solution manager monitoring so I would like to inform you that we already develop automate interface solution with our BMC Remedy service desk that can automatically integrate into solution manager, where SAP Request – Incident starts in SAP Solution Manager and is processed in BMC Remedy Service Desk (this describe with the 4 step I mentioned below)
























                So in summary the Remedy Service Desk integration for SAP Solution Manager Service Desk exchanges incident tickets and information as the operators step towards remediation.  The incident is fully documented in the enterprise service management environment of Remedy while leveraging the SAP-specific tools to hasten resolution.


                SAP administrators do not have to log in or become knowledgeable on Remedy applications and can concentrate on being productive in the SAP environment as the integration done automatically by the interface solution we enable.




                Please do not hesitate to ask me any other questions or with anything else I can be of assistance.




                Thanks in advance for your cooperation.









                Lior Orlovich


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                  HI :


                       What's the step 4 cid:image004.png@01CAF0EF.E1985FB0  you mentioned ? i can't refer it any more .


                  I need some document about Remedy Service Desk integration for SAP Solution Manager Service Desk.


                  thx !

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                    am also looking for a usiful document for integrating BMC Remedy service desk (Incident Management) with SAP solution manager.


                    you've shared a link in step 4, but its not existing anymore.


                    appritiate your response and help.