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    Snapshot/Audit Directory & File Exclusion Issues

    Anthony Bove

      I am attempting to exclude a specific sub-directory from a recursive directory snapshot by using the 'includes/excludes' feature.  However, the snapshot ignores my setting and gathers data on that sub-dir anyway.  This results in audit inconsistencies the client doesn't care about.  This seems like basic functionality that should have been exposed as a product bug long ago, so it could be I am somehow misconfiguring my job.  For example, I've set the 'recursive' flag for a snapshot of the "/usr/local/bmc/reports/webserver" directory (for both checksum & light checksum).  I've tried setting an 'excludes' in a couple different ways:





      In both cases, this exclusion was ignored.  Simply doing a more granular selection of the directories to snapshot (and omitting the undesired directory) is not an option for the client in this case, because they also need to know if there were "additions" placed in the main directory.  Client environment is, but I've also tested in my 8.0.359 env with same results.  Here's an example of my snap configuration:




      Regards, Tony