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    Creating BLPackages using 8.0 XML-based content format

      In the "What's new in Bladelogic 8.0" documentation, there is a reference to using XML to create importable content outside of the GUI:


      XML-based content format for import and export

      A new content format is now available for version-neutral, XML-based representation

      of BMC BladeLogic content. Using this content format you can author BMC

      BladeLogic content, especially rules and policies, outside of the BMC BladeLogic

      product so that it is available for import into BMC BladeLogic using the BLCLI.

      Alternatively, you can use the new content format to export existing BMC BladeLogic

      content using the BLCLI, for further manipulation of content outside of BMC





      We are currently have a process by which we are creating BLPackages via BLCLI, which includes creating a Component Template. This is a very unweildy approach, and there are some BLPackage features which can't be created in this manner (such as adding an asset with a Local Property set to define its path).


      We are very interested in the potential of this new feature. It would be far preferable, especially for small packages which will only be used once, to create the BLPackage via XML, and copy the assets as necessary to make a new package which is importable.


      I haven't seen any documentation for this. Is there any available?