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    Best way to import parameters to new (physical) App Server

    S Crawford
      How do you configure a new app server to have the same configuration settings as the existing app server?  In this case, both app servers are physical servers (meaning there is one app server per physical instance, so I'm not talking about just creating a new appserver JVM on the same machine through Infra Management).
      I can't use the post-install configuration wizard because we are having issues displaying the interface (because we are going through an SSH host to access the server... it just flickers).  So I have to manually (somehow) import settings into the new server.  I know we are supposed to do this through the blasadmin tool, but this would take forever if I had to set each one.  Is there a way I can import all these settings at once?  It looks like I can't just copy over the xml files in the /usr/nsh/br/deployments because some of them have specific app server information, but is there a supported way to do this?  Or is stripping out the xml files the easiest way?