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    Archive Audit Forms

    Hellyson Lima
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      How can I audit on audit form?


      For example: I have a regular form and when a data of this form is archived, i want to archive all data of the same audit form, is there a way?


      ARS 7.1

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          Hellyson Lima

          anyone know?

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            Vishnuprasad Kottapally



            Your query isn't very clear.

            Are you trying to archive a regular form? or trying to AUdit a regular form? or do dome kind of transactions when a form is archived??


            IF you want to do some actions when a form is archived , what you can do is enable server events (archive).When you enable server Events archive is captured in event cause as




            based on these entries you can have workflow on Server Events from.


            You cannt archive an archived form and You cant Audit an audit form however youc an archive an Audit form.


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              Or do you mean


              I want to archive data from the audit form that is related to the regular form at the same time data is archived on that regular form.

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                Ben Chernys



                Check out our Meta-Archive product.  It handles root requests as trees of forms (Incident, Work Log, Audits, etc.) and records and checks that a ticket is not associated to another that is not ready to be archived.


                It uses the API and you can select different dates based on customer and any set of queries.  You can add your customized forms  It generates the Archive forms automatically as well.


                All in a simple spreadsheet.


                It can easily be adapted to extract data and attachments to the file system or external databases. 


                Please see  www.softwaretoolhouse.com for more info or for a trial.




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                  Pratap Dalai

                  HI ,

                  You can create an archive form of any audit form

                  for example say if you have form audit form ,FormA .you want to create an archive form of FormA,you can