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    Silent installed error

    Abid Khemiss


      We used a 3rd party tool to install the RSCD agent.


      We have put into the installation file a customise export and user.local.


      The installation is fine. But it seems that on some servers we are not allowed to install anything on /tmp.


      When we are putting the whole binaries and silent file in a different directory than /tmp, it does not seem to work.


      is it possible to put the silent sile in another location?






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          Paul Seager-Smith

          Hi Abid,


          Some systems (esp. Linux) have the noexec option set on /tmp. This stops you executing any files from /tmp for security reasons.


          The nsh-install-defaults file does have to reside in /tmp, but you should put the installer into /var/tmp or other location.


          This combination does work.