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    BMC Blade Server Automation Agents



      We are planning to do implement the  Server Automation for doing the Patch Management.


      Is it OK to install the RSCD Agents on the managed Servers before installing the BMC Blade Logic Server Automation Application.

      Currently we are installing some other agents on Servers. So we have a plan to roll out RSCD agents also.


      Please suggest.



      Atul Gupta

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          Yes you can very well install agents on the servers that you plan to manage before the installation of BMC BladeLogic Server Automation suite these are not dependent activities.


          Its only when you enroll the server in BL, you need to have a up and running RSCD agent on it.

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            The agent installation, and adding servers in BL are completely autonomous activities. They have no dependency on each other. I can add a list of 100 servers and then install agents on them later. Alternatively, I could install agents on 100 severs and then add them to BL later. A server just needs to be in BL and have an agent on it before I attempt to run jobs against it.

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