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    Patch Analysis Auto-Remediation Deploy jobs error "Cannot access source file"



      I've run a Patch Analysis job with auto-remediation on about 30+ servers. Analysis succeeded, but when it went on to perform the auto-remediation part, about half of the servers failed during the stage phase, all with the same error message.


      The logs for the stage part of the deployment show the same kind of error for each failed server...


      copy files from //BLAPPSRV/E/BMCBladelogic/Storage/blpackages/Auto-Remediate-SERVERG03-11066-2010.04.16-02-15-29-628+0100-1090.1 to //SERVERG06/temp/stage/Auto-Remediate-SERVERG03-11066-2010.04.16-02-15-29-628+0100-1090.1-3944.33 error: An error occurred while attempting to copy the file //BLAPPSRV/E/BMCBladelogic/Storage/blpackages/Auto-Remediate-SERVERG03-11066-2010.04.16-02-15-29-628+0100-1090.1 to //SERVERG06/temp/stage/Auto-Remediate-SERVERG03-11066-2010.04.16-02-15-29-628+0100-1090.1-3944.33.: com.bladelogic.mfw.util.BlException: Connection timed out;Cannot access source file "//BLAPPSRV/E/BMCBladelogic/Storage/blpackages/Auto-Remediate-SERVERG03-11066-2010.04.16-02-15-29-628+0100-1090.1"


      I think I can be pretty certain that this is not a permissions issue because other servers were successfully patched either side of those that failed.