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    nsh: Failed to map user to local user

    Steven Scarborough

      When I try to deploy a file to a remote host from the 7.6 Application Server (new install) the account name that gets sent to the remote host (RSCD) is always "bladmin" (lower case), it doesn't matter if I sign-on as "BLAdmin" or my role account "username@DOMAIN.COM:BLAdmins". If I add "bladmin" to the 'users' file everything works correctly. What would cause the Application Server/Job to send 'bladmin' as the credentials? I have a 7.4.1 app server and it sends the correct credentials.


      Here is the rscd.log entry:


      04/21/10 15:09:42.884 WARN     rscd - 10315 60001/60001 (bladmin): nsh: Failed to map
      user to local user